Four ERCOT Board Members Resign, Citing Their Out-of-State Residency

Four members of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) board of directors have resigned effective Wednesday, February 24.

The group of four — Chair Sally Talberg, Vice-Chair Peter Cramton, Terry Bulger, and Raymond Hepper — resigned after criticism not only of the organization’s handling of Texas’ prolonged blackouts but also for their out-of-state residency.

“We have noted recent concerns about out-of-state board leadership at ERCOT. To allow state leaders a free hand with future direction and to eliminate distractions,” the joint letter to the Public Utility Commission reads.

Texas state Rep. Jeff Leach (R-Plano) promised shortly after this fact was circulated that he’d file legislation this legislative session to mandate in-state residency as a prerequisite for service on the board. Governor Greg Abbott added ERCOT reform to his list of emergency items for the legislature to consider on Tuesday of last week.

The letter further stated, “Before we step aside, we are beginning the process of reviewing this extreme cold weather event and resulting power crisis. With the right follow through, Texas can lead the nation in investing in infrastructure and emergency preparedness to withstand the effects of severe weather events — whether in the form of flooding, drought, extreme temperatures, or hurricanes. We want what is best for ERCOT and Texas.”

Early morning on February 15, ERCOT began issuing “rotating” blackouts that never really rotated, and rather, for many, remained prolonged for days on end. ERCOT is the regulator of Texas’ electricity grid and has received the bulk of the blame for the state’s week of turmoil.

A joint House committee hearing is scheduled for Thursday to investigate the causes of the blackouts, and ERCOT will no-doubt be at its center.

Read the resignation letter below.

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